Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a sister of mine:D

seven years old
aww, da besar da:(
i cant believe that ur soo big da!haha.
soo, RIZWAN,naah!
i am giving u my sister as a present for ur birthday:D

p/s; jaga dia baik2 yea.wakaka


okayy, hello people.im sorry that my blog is EXTREMELY boring.haha.so, i'll start all over again!holidays memang gila best la.got new friends?YES.met old friends?YES.keluar wif TKCIANS?yes.but not wif syaf n he geng:(.sorry babe, x dpt tunaikan janji.hmmph,so KLEDANG NIGHT.it was best laa.secrets out?oh yeahh.i still cant believe that BMGG.haha(well,im LMGG, so ur BMGG) likes someone that is sooo unexpected!go girl!and u knw what tiba2 my name plak yg naik in liking this guy!ey, mana ada la,he is just a friend of mine who happens to have the same birthday as mine!well, da out of topic pulak.we practised hard and i do MEAN HARD! for this show.we danced michael jackson ;
its soo funny n best.

well, this was BEFORE the show.this is AFTER:)

haiyoyo.x sempat la.i gtg.the after tu nanti la:)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

shoot and bang!

OMG.i am sooo tired mann.at last itu PMR is finish already!I cnt wait to know my results.gosh.nway,i just came back home about two days ago n like it was so tiring n my things pun gila banyak and tak terkira plus with yaya punya sekali.haiyo.mmg the car was FULL!and when i balik trus kena pgi practice dance at aunty R's house.Seronok mmg SERONOK:)but like i needed some rest n well,i really wanted to online!oh blow.ngahaa.we r doing michael jackson punya dance.so its like down memory lane or something like that la.so,its kinda fun!fun!fun!the above picture was taken in mayang sari for the kepimpinan thingy.we look so berkepimpinan right?I got like lots of practice for beat it with syahira n mira n shikin n hafiz n zidane n like this two other boys that i dont know who.so,bye bye:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

book review:)

this book is a must read!i recommend this book to everyone.well,not exactly everyone but then, i think boys can also read this book i guess.its about a girl who decided to wear the tudung in australia.u know that like its hard to actually wear a tudung in places like that.amal goes to a high school and had to actually fight with her school's principal just to wear the tudung which yeah she finally got to wear the tudung in school.everyone was like staring  at her and was giving her the silent treatment except for her two bestfriends.in this book,its about how tough amal is, facing challenges in life,and well,attract the boy that she has a crush on although she is wearing a hijab aka tudung.and finally the dude,adam,falls for her too.n actually tried to kiss her at his 16th birthday party!amal is a muslim so like she doesnt do physical sex things and sex is a no-no until she gets married.she rejected adam n things started going bizarre.she got a grip of her life and started moving on.adam and amal finally bacame friends and everything got back to normal.and amal loves it:)
p/s;why in the world am i telling the whole story?!go get the book and finish it!:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


its a good sunny day when i finally decided to do this blog.i didn't want to do it at first but then,most of my friends have it.so yeah i decided to try it.i have no idea what else to write.so,there you go.my first blog:)btw,this is a pic of me,syuhada n syahira.
i love you guys.