Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a sister of mine:D

seven years old
aww, da besar da:(
i cant believe that ur soo big da!haha.
soo, RIZWAN,naah!
i am giving u my sister as a present for ur birthday:D

p/s; jaga dia baik2 yea.wakaka


okayy, hello people.im sorry that my blog is EXTREMELY boring.haha.so, i'll start all over again!holidays memang gila best la.got new friends?YES.met old friends?YES.keluar wif TKCIANS?yes.but not wif syaf n he geng:(.sorry babe, x dpt tunaikan janji.hmmph,so KLEDANG NIGHT.it was best laa.secrets out?oh yeahh.i still cant believe that BMGG.haha(well,im LMGG, so ur BMGG) likes someone that is sooo unexpected!go girl!and u knw what tiba2 my name plak yg naik in liking this guy!ey, mana ada la,he is just a friend of mine who happens to have the same birthday as mine!well, da out of topic pulak.we practised hard and i do MEAN HARD! for this show.we danced michael jackson ;
its soo funny n best.

well, this was BEFORE the show.this is AFTER:)

haiyoyo.x sempat la.i gtg.the after tu nanti la:)