Saturday, November 21, 2009

shoot and bang!

OMG.i am sooo tired last itu PMR is finish already!I cnt wait to know my results.gosh.nway,i just came back home about two days ago n like it was so tiring n my things pun gila banyak and tak terkira plus with yaya punya sekali.haiyo.mmg the car was FULL!and when i balik trus kena pgi practice dance at aunty R's house.Seronok mmg SERONOK:)but like i needed some rest n well,i really wanted to online!oh blow.ngahaa.we r doing michael jackson punya its like down memory lane or something like that,its kinda fun!fun!fun!the above picture was taken in mayang sari for the kepimpinan thingy.we look so berkepimpinan right?I got like lots of practice for beat it with syahira n mira n shikin n hafiz n zidane n like this two other boys that i dont know,bye bye:)